Saturday, 14 December 2013

Amazing Pakistani port fountain in karachi Videos

                      Amazing Pakistani KPT fountain photos 

Karachi port trust fountain or the port fountain is situated next to northern rocks of a 
series of Islands famous as the Oyster Rocks, off the Karachi,Pakistan harbour. The port 
fountain is the wolrd's 3rd tallest, & rises to highest of 620 feet (190 m) When operating 
at full force. KPT fountain opining on 15 January 2006, The KPT fountain has been 
attracting visitors from all over Pakistan. KPT fountain structure and platform of 135 SQ 
meters is on 16 piles 18 metres deep. Two 835 horsepower turbine pumps deliver nearly 2000
liters of sea water per second at a velocity of 70 meters per second through specially 
designed eight -inch nozzles. The KPT fountain was constructs at a cost of pkr 320 
million. Because the fountain height so high into the air, it is very easily seen from 
many locations of the Karachi city.    
                                                        Pakistani port fountain - full video

                                                     KPT fountain - amazing full video 

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